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Introduction to GMP Environmental

Established in 2005, New Zealand owned GMP Environmental Ltd delivers a wide range of expertise and services to its customers in the oil, mining, industrial chemical and engineering sectors. GMP Environmental provides oilfield and industrial waste clean-up, transportation and disposing services. We remove material from inside pipes and tanks, and manage heavy lifting of plant and equipment. We store and supply drilling mud and have a comprehensive inventory of oil field spares, casing and tubulars.


GMP Environmental Ltd is committed to best practices and is dedicated to protect New Zealand’s environment. All chemicals are disposed of safely, to protect the environment from contamination. Waste products, such as sewerage, are transported to a council approved dump site, and other waste goes to a customer or environmentally approved site.


GMP Environmental Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all staff, contractors and visitors to our work sites. Our safety standards are strict and reviewed regularly. All our drivers are NZQA certified.


Our vehicles are serviced every 10000 kilometres and are replaced every three to five years. Other work machines such as waterblaster /steam units are serviced and certified as required by law.

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Hire Trucks, Trailers, Accommodation, Storage, Compressors, Mudtanks, Tanks, Pumps, Portaloos, Generators, WaterBlasters